Ylang Ylang & Orange Solid Shampoo with Argan Oil 100% Organic


Ylang Ylang & Orange Solid Shampoo is for all hair types. It´s suitable for hair and beard. Leaves your hair shiny and smelling great!
The Sweyn Forkbeard special purifying and repairing formula has been designed using nature's cleansing plants to clean and protect your hair and scalp, leaving you with a zingy astringent sensation to invigorate your senses.

Ylang Ylang & Orange Solid Shampoo is also environmentally friendly as you are not wasting bottles and packaging. We use Paper Wax like packaging.
Weight approx 125gr.

All our products are 100% Natural & Organic, handmade in the UK without Parabens, Sulphates, artificial fragrances and colours which make it ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin. All our ingredients are vegetal origin so are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and has not been tested on animals.