Wave Razor


Sweyn Forkbeard Wave Razor is a specialized tool designed to help you shave curved lines and create hair tattoos.

We designed our Wave Razor in a way so it bends the blade. This will not only help you work with curved beard lines but also make it easy to create hair tattoos. Sweyn Forkbeard Wave Razor is made from flexible metal. It will allow you to adjust the curvature of the blade. This razor will never clog from shaving products or even the longest hair.
Sweyn Forkbeard Wave Razor is very durable. Its all-metal construction will provide you with many years of service. This razor will not rust. We make our Wave Razor from chrome-plated stainless steel. Sweyn Forkbeard Wave Razor comes in a luxurious black gift box.

This is a great tool for beginners who find it difficult to create beard lines as well as professional barbers and hairdressers who want to create unique styles.

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Sweyn Forkbeard Wave Razor takes replaceable single edge blades. It is also safe because this razor exposes only about one millimetre of the blade. The blades for this razor are standard and have been available internationally for almost one hundred years now. To insert the blade into Sweyn Forkbeard Wave Razor simply slide it into the groove at the end of the razor.
We have professional blades available on our web shop.

With Sweyn Forkbeard Wave Razor you will be able to easily style your or your customers' hair.
Simply slide the blade in and you are ready to create beautiful lines. Stretch your skin and shave with the grain keeping the blade at about a 30-degree angle.
It's much easier to create lines when you see what you are doing. We recommend applying our 100% organic shaving oil to lubricate the areas to be shaved.

Sweyn Forkbeard Wave Razor is handmade in London, UK. We are an environmentally conscious brand using only ethically sourced highest quality materials and parts.

You will be able to create beautiful hair lines. We recommend applying our 100% organic and transparent shaving oil to lubricate the areas to be shaved.