Viking Wooden Box Limited Edition with Beard Oil and Beard Balm


Limited Edition of our Gift Set with Beard Oil and Beard Balm packed in a Viking wooden box.

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Limited Edition Viking Wooden Box
Beard Oil 30ml (choose your favorite scent)
Beard Balm 50ml

We can add a personalized message. Just write your personalized message in Notes at checkout, and we´ll print it on a Viking-style card.

You will have Beard Oil and Beard Balm for approx. 4-5 months.

Your Beard will be healthy, thicker, and stronger. Our beard oils have an unctuous texture, but they are not greasy and only a small amount is needed. We suggest you dispense 3-4 drops into the palm of your hand, rub hands together and evenly apply to facial hair and skin underneath. Larger beards may require a little more.

Our Beard Balm is for styling your beard and controls the flying hairs, especially on the sides of the beard.
We suggest scratching a pea amount with the back of your thumbnail, put in your middle finger, rub with the fingers (the balm will turn soften as soon as you work it between your fingertips), and can be readily rubbed on your beard.

All our products are 100% Natural & Organic, handmade in the UK without Parabens, Sulphates, artificial fragrances, and colours which makes them ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin. All our ingredients are vegetal origin so are suitable for vegetarians and have not been tested on animals.