Face Mask Pack of 10 units

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Daily protective face mask. This is a top-quality face Mask CE Certified.
Quantity: 10PCS/Pack (10 Face Masks) You can buy 3 or 5 packs at a discounted price

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Product standards: GB/T 32610-2016
Size: 175mm (Length) x 95mm (Width)
Sterilization state: Radiation sterilization
Certified CE: EU Standards

1. Scope of application
It is used in public space, working place, manufacturing, catering service, food processing, environmental cleaning, etc.
2. Product characteristics
The mask ear strap has enough strength to fix the mask, maximum tension load is under 10N
Soft, comfortable and non-irritating
Made of low sensitive materials
3. Product specification, structure, and material
This product was made of polypropylene spun-bonded fabrics and polyurethane elastic nonwoven fabrics.
This product is in rectangle shape with 2PCS of ear straps, product size with 175mm(Length) x 95mm(Width), color in white.