Shaving Brush with Pure Bristle & Stand (Optional)


Shaving Brush with Pure Bristle & Stand (Optional)
A beautiful moulded handle filled with natural bristle to deliver the perfect shave every day.

Why use a shaving brush to lather when fingers would do?
Lathering with a brush rather than fingers benefits the shave experience in several ways; the lather lubricates and protects the skin and acts as a buffer between the blade and the skin. Brushing gently exfoliates the skin, opens pores and softens the beard, providing a gentle, smooth and long lasting close shave.

Usage Instructions:
To obtain the richest lather hold the brush under a hot running tap and keep as much water on the brush as possible which ensures the face stays hydrated and protected.
Apply a "pea" size amount of Sweyn Forkbeard Shaving Cream to the tips of the bristles and begin lathering your face using the correct amount of pressure; too much causes the bristles to flatten and too little won´t provide enough friction to create a good lather. If you feel you need more water during the course of shaving, dip the tip of the brush in water and flick gently to remove excess.
Lather from the neck upwards turning the head simultaneously to create a full lather.
When complete, clean the brush head under running water until soap free.
Shake vigorously to remove all water and them colocate it in the stand. Your brush is ready for the next smooth shave.

Made in the UK.