ese Men are an integral part of the success of Sweyn Forkbeard. From models and brand ambassadors to photographers, designers and researchers, they are part of us.

Mr. Johnathan Fisher, London, United Kingdom

Johnathan Fisher is a man of many characters, his work life to his play life. He is a avid live action roleplayer, where his beard helps him excel at bringing his characters to reality. He thought he grew his beard for a role but it was his beard that grew on him and it looked so good he never looked back! Now with the help of us at Sweyn Forkbeard, he is sharp and ready for whatever role life brings. 

Mr. Kirb Compton, Virginia, United States

Kirb Compton plays the bass for Elisium. Elisium is a professional 3-piece band from central (Fredericksburg) Virginia, United States. Their sound is a unique blend of dark rock, and modern metal. Kirb has an amazing beard, and we are proud to care his beard wherever he travels with his band. He has a legion of followers in all the United States.

Mr. Sie Vickers (Viking Powerlifting), Chesterfield, United Kingdom

Viking Powerlifting is an axe throwing, mead drinking, beard growing, heavy iron lifting competitive powelifter. Proving his worth to the Old Gods he instils Viking values of Honor, Pride and Hard Work not only in the gym or with his many followers (or even his awesome beard!) but also in his family life.